Jeff Hardy As Willow & Wrestling News Talk

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“WARNING: VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED!” Now this is a new side of Jeff Hardy I’ve never seen before. Wrestling News Talk-…

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Andre Corbeil says:


Thedisgustingbeauty says:

The wyatt family is pretty creepy. I’m glad they are going to be WWE new
heels. I love the Undertaker but they have been needing a new gimmick that
has a darkened twist.

WWETNA4Lyfe says:

This is the first time I have seen this channel, and my life is now

Playa Champion is back says:

Yup I liking this gimmick, and for the people that say it’s a copy of WWE,
go fuck yourselves. Jeff Hardy had this gimmick before anyways.

MrKeithStephen says:

It seems like TNA wrestling can’t come up with new and exciting storylines,
or gimmicks now a days that’s why they have to resort to Jeff Hardy having
this fucking pathetic Willow gimmick to try to duplicate the success of WCW
in the late 1990′s in which they changed The “Icon” Sting’s gimmick to the
Crow sting to overcome the NWO and Hulk Hogan. And I guarantee that this is
the same exact storyline in which Jeff Hardy will come back as Willow to
try to overcome Magnus, and Dixie Carters evil management. And as result of
this TNA wresting needs to stop rehashing old WCW storylines, and also they
need to stop having their storylines be similar to what the WWE is doing
for theirs.

PS: I just fucking love it when these pathetic, fucking psychotic, TNA
fanboys immediately categorize someone as a fan of the worst fucking era in
professional wrestling the PG era, and a fan of John Cena AKA the cancer of
pro wrestling. Just for giving his opinion on currently whats wrong with
TNA wrestling and what they should do to improve it. SMFH!

Scott Burchett says:

hardy was the only thing keeping tna alive

iKkAaMmZz1ne23 says:

I’m definitely psyched for Jeff Hardy’s alter ego Willow the Wisp. His
abnormal, abstract albeit artistically creative character reminds me of a
top-tier Luchre Libre wrestler with that attire and will sell well among
certain demographics who live the “dark side” – the goths, emos, punks,
comicons… I never got to see this side of Jeff except watching a few odd
vignettes and indie matches with Matt Hardy until now. People are already
quick to say he’s “copying” Bray Wyatt. And some jump to conclusions saying
this will not work in TNA…but we haven’t seen this side of Jeff’s
character debut in a TNA arena yet to give our full analysis. Out of
laughter, I wonder if he got those masks from Michael Jackson when he used
them to hide his kids faces in the prying eyes of the paparazzi? And
kids…he’s not for you cuz at night in your dreams, you’ll wake up
flabbergasted why you wet the bed!!.

PS- I just become your 1971st sub BubbaDunkFunkin. You have some f*cking
mad rockin’ sh!t right here. PEACE!!

Lemon Gill says:

lol, u like spidey? Thaat’s nice. 

vvstreetfightervv says:

Even if this gimmick ends up being flat, (it was very cool on the indies)
I’m glad Hardy changed up his character in tna. To say that his wwe-style
persona was getting VERY stale is a fuckin understatement. 

jeff cain says:

Willow is a character jeff used when he was just starting out as a teen.

Charley WolfReich says:

the full character name is called willow the wisp and jeff hardy used this
gimmick in omega years ago when they were just starting out. i think it
will not work and here’s why. in wcw they turned sting into the fucking
crow which was not a hot as the icon sting and i think willow is gonna
suffer the same fate. i hope it works for him but tna is desperate for
something hot cause they don’t have from what i heard very much money left.
the reason for this character change is cause they exposed abyss joe park
which we all knew 2 yrs ago and magnus is a flp as tna champion so tna
knows this show there gonna have willow win the tna title from magnus which
at this point is smart. 

aubrey james says:

willow the wisp was hes first gimmick

bob otto says:


allan boyd says:

great to see you make a positive tna video bubba. im excited for jeff
hardy’s willow the wisp. im not really a big hardy fan but i do like the
look of his alter ego willow.

Gavinotts says:

Awesome stuff man

Dustin Nunn says:

I never seen Jeff Hardy as Willow before.

Wiizardii says:

Willow is a whole new seperate character from Jeff Hardy. I dont even think
TNA will acknowledge Jeff as his usual character, Its like Ryback, Skip
Sheifield is dead. 

jgams28 says:

When I saw the promo, I thought Jeff was high again.

Lowrider9398 says:


Gavinotts says:

Awesome stuff man 

Carlos João says:

I really liked his new gimmick

Kristofer Carter says:

you rock

Ahmed EL-SiddiG says:

congratulations on being the newest member of the wrestling news talk page

markpain98 says:

I’m extremely excited for Jeff to start using this gimmick. I’ve been
waiting for him to use it on TV for a long time.

Recaked Esquire says:

Willow will be pretty awesome I think. Jeff Hardy did good with this one.

TheCodedtestament says:

I’m all for larger-than-life characters so long as the guys playing them
are invested in them (ex. ‘Taker, Kane,and the Wyatt Family immediately
come to mind) and considering Jeff actually used this gimmick in his very
early days in the biz, you know he’s gonna live it and breathe it 110%. 

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