Girl Beats Boy In College Wrestling?

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frosty frost says:

Would never escape him? hmmmmm. We all get beat by everyone boy or girl! That blonde lady is making me very close to unsubscribing!

frosty frost says:

ikr the lady at 1:02 is a bastard sexist

frosty frost says:

Why do people make such a big deal if a girl wins? Its not just about muscle its also about SKILL

Id0n0thate says:

Men generally have more muscle then women but if a girl is alot more skilled why wouldn’t she be able to win?

Hector Dominguez says:

Junior year of high school*

Hector Dominguez says:

In Oregon there was a girl during my junior from Colton Oregon I believe she was a fkn beast beating guys left and right I believe Oregon live proclaimed her the queen of Oregon wrestling

Won C Hwang says:

Female vs male fight is nothing more than shaming males. Feminists think that we males are always thugs and bastards who prey on women. However, what if genders are reversed and males became victims? Why can’t men defend against violent females? Gender equality is nothing more than fabrication.

frosty frost says:

1:02 So if a boy beats a girl then no one cares and if a GIRL beats a boy hes doomed for life? THAT IS SO SEXIST!

Hairyguy007 says:

When you’re doing Judo your opponent is respecting rules and is not trying to kill you. In a real life fight, he would strike you and break something. Trust me I almost got killed before.

Also at times men feel awkward touching women too in fights because they don’t want to touch their breasts. Some men tend to not use their full strengths on women since they are taught that from childhood.

I’m not saying women can’t win. Just that at times men feel hindered n such fights.

slowSEVENTEENmotion says:

I love how this asshole thinks that the kid is “messed up” because he says it’s a matter of his conscience and his faith. Um, not wanting to fight a girl (being that he’s a boy) is a respectable stand. I disagree with boys wrestling girls.

I’m an atheist, but I recognize that people who are Christian (or whatever religion) aren’t all “messed up” because they believe something (even if it is silly). Plenty of Christians are extremely intelligent and not “messed up”. Stop being an arrogant prick.

Mark Westinghouse says:

wow you never turn down a match. My friend wrestled one of the best girl wrestlers at eastern states states he got beat, he knew he was going to get beat going into the match but he still went. He got over it!

Robert Carroll says:

i’m a male, and i don’t see why it is such a shocker, i see women beat men all the time at my wrestling practices, women can be just as physically fit and strong as most men…

yinyanghero says:

When you say you don’t want to do something because of faith you get persecuted by guys like this and called out by hypocrites like me.

Roxasthesupersaiyan says:

The boy did the right thing. If he win he would be seen as a asshole, if be lost he’d be a loser. They shouldn’t let girls wrestle with guys, they forced him to take a lose.

Kevin Jacobson says:

As a woman in a male dominated sport, you need to be ready to deal with situations like that without complaining about it. Going on YouTube and talking about what you want isn’t going to change the sport.

harrysgurl22 says:

once you step on the mat it wont matter if your a guy or a girl your there to wrestle, you might have to a wrestle a girl now and then. I know I haven’t wrestled that many girls but I wrestled plenty of guy and yeah sometime I do get my butt headed to me but I was there to wrestle and as long as I get to wrestle I am fine but if your going forfeit because I am a girl I will not be happy I don’t want to win just to win I want to get more skill that’s all

OnlyGlobal says:

surely Every Knee Will Bow, Every Eye Will See, Every Tongue Will Confess That Jesus Christ is Lord — HALLELUJAH – JESUS CHRIST REIGNS –

bige300 says:

It became OK as soon as they decided to throw their hat in the ring. Besides…this is wrestling, not fighting.

CBD Zakkai says:

I did just that and made a half scholarsship to L:SSU I lived in the frat house until the Dean made me move in with the tennis girls then a few weeks later he cut the team in favor of Hockey. No more wrestling team to this day. I’m looking for anyone who has footage of LSSU Wrestling from the last Semester to please contact me on twitter I am @Beishamedrash

3jdpa says:

ronda rousey is that you?

knqneal neal says:

He was scared

Robert Langton says:

If you decide to fight a girl in the first place I would hope she kicks your ass. It doesn’t matter how good a girl can be. Guys don’t fight girls. I honestly don’t know where it suddenly became okay.

fingrid says:

When did they start having backyard wrestling indoors? Kitchen I would have understood.

varner56481 says:

Liberal clownsn. Lol

varner56481 says:

I’m 6’6 300 pounds.. I like to wrestle women for enjoyment.. its fun..

Roxasthesupersaiyan says:

Girls shouldn’t be allowed to wrestle with guys, As soon as the guy wins everyone calls him an asshole, if he loses he gets shit.

Jacob Ojeda says:

> exactly…

Robert Langton says:

Guys don’t fight girls.

bamthewolfman141 says:

and this video is wrong it was high school not college but this is also the state tournament. and it wasnt out of fear, the kid ended up winning all of his remaining matches and taking 3rd, she lost her next 2 and was eliminated and did not place in the top 8, it was how he was raised, he gave up a shot at a state title, his dream cuz he was raised to not act violently towards girls, keep attacking him… bitch

bamthewolfman141 says:

local judo class isnt comparable to a collegiate athlete sorry its not a hobby at that level its a lifestyle and male college wrestlers dont lose to girls very often.

EpicBacon says:

This totally reminds of that Zoey 101 episode.

fromallthatflows says:

I never cared about wrestling a girl. My opponent is my opponent and I will not hesitate to wipe the mat with her sorry ass or drop her face on the mat. She wanted to wrestle, and I’ll give her a reason she shouldn’t.

VicousMissGamer says:

That female newscaster has no idea what its like to take off that pretty little make up and do something thats actually challenging. That female wrestler has poured blood, sweat, and tears just to get the opportunity to be there yet she thinks they shouldn’t wrestle? Anyone who understands wrestling knows that intelligence and speed can trump strength in any situation, so how can she judge she’s going to get beaten by him? Plus being afraid to be beaten by a woman is a pussy excuse

Earl Dyson says:

@gfi3o Lol! of course I can get lots of girls! How I do it? check the link on the description of my profile.

thania pena says:

wanna know how…. when a girl is unexpectedly strong and atucally knows what shes doing and give a guy a run for his money he instantly gets into fight mode they are focused on not losing to girl as oppose to “what he wishes he could do with her in a sexual manner) its professional on the mat. and if a guy gets distracted for one second and she knws what shes doing he will never let that lose down. and neither will his teammates.

thania pena says:

As the only girl wrestler on an all boys team in high school I must say how appauled I am by this video not only by the guy wrestler who refused to wrestle the girl because he was scared but also by his coach for allowing this, as well as this female news lady who is claiming he did the right thing. wrestling is the hardest thing a person can ever do right below going to the military and for a girl to endure and succeed at a college level is great. She wouldnt be there if she couldnt handle it.

jodun3 says:

He should’ve beat the fuck out of her

Hallonsylt says:

That was as criminal on her part as if a big man did the same thing to a small woman. Her black belt tipped the scales that much in her favor. I’m not saying you should press charges, but a half an hour of kicks sounds like criminal domestic abuse to me.

GModBMXer says:

There goes the news again, getting only ONE FUCKING SIDE, they didn’t even ask the girl!

Jahmir Roy says:

I don’t understand why he gets so much flak. This was a serious decision he made. He faith, whatever it is, doesn’t allow him to hurt a girl in any way. If he were refusing to eat something because of it, everyone would be commending him for his conviction. He’s not sexist at all. He doesn’t believe men are better. If anything, he probably holds women to a higher regard if the thought of hurting one makes him throw a first place chance in Iowa. I respect him for his decision.

Ak47ultamate says:

So what about that fact he refused to wrestle a girl.
Why is it even on the news anyway?

Ak47ultamate says:

No that’s not true karate doesn’t work.

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